Saturday, August 05, 2006

Summer Time Movies

Last weekend we were all set to go see Miami Vice the movie until.....we saw that the movie is close to three hours long.. How could they possibly turn an hour series show into a three hour movie??? Total guy flick my guess, but still being a South Florida transplant in Central Florida I was game for it ( well not overly excited but hey marriage is a give & take). Has anyone seen it?

This weekend Honey suggested going to see.....think.... yep... Talledaga Nights. Okay, so this movie is under two hours and at least has some silly white trash jokes. So we are still debating on if we are going to go or not. I'm sure the movie theaters are going to be packed tonight.

I'm more of a matinee have the theater to yourself kinda girl. Or even better yet, home in bed with Netflix, honey never makes it through a movie at night though. So he gets to listen to FOX News until he falls asleep, then I quietly start a movie. I raid my candy stashes, which I have all over the house. Honey has an imaginary friend "Toby" who comes to visit and loves sweets, so I have to hide my goods. Don't worry Honey and Toby always have something to snack on cookies, cake or ice cream...none of which I eat very often.

Speaking of Netflix, they use to have a feature on their site that allows you to see who's renting what by zip code. That was pretty cool, Type in Beverly Hills 90210 and you can see what they are watching out in Tinsel Town, etc.

Leave a comment if you want to join my friends list on Netflix, all you need is an e-mail address and a Netflix account.

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JD said...

I've heard that Talledega Nights is incredibly funny - like pee your pants funny. Am looking forward to seeing it sometime soon. If you go, let us know how it is.